Party Style Classes

Casual cooking or baking class with a social atmosphere.

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box and memorable experience, choose a party-style class for your next celebration!

Our party-style classes at Bettie’s Chicago are just as fun and delicious as our in-depth private classes but offer more time for mingling and socializing with guests. Each themed hands-on party class is guided by our chef instructor with a short baking or cooking demo. Choose from our party options below or contact us to create something truly custom for your gathering!

Please inquire about rates regarding your date and specific event. Note that private parties and events require a full buyout of our space. 

What’s Included


Themed Party Ideas

Celebrating something specific? Choose one of our themed baking parties! Or choose from any of our general party options below! 

Guests will work in groups of 2-3 to make sweet buns in 2 flavors: cinnamon sugar and chocolate! Each person will take home a box of sweet buns as a party favor! 

Guests will work in groups of 2-3 to make bread knots in 2 flavors: garlic herb & cinnamon sugar! Each person will take home a box of knots as a party favor! 

Guests will work in groups of 2-3 to make pizza dough from scratch. Each person will then stretch, top, and bake their own personal pizza! 


Participants will work in groups of two to make pizza dough from scratch. You’ll learn how to know your yeast is alive, how to knead the dough, and how to know when the gluten is formed enough. Each participant will then learn to stretch their own dough and will choose form a variety of toppings before sliding it onto a hot stone to bake it! 

This is a “sip and paint” class but with food! Each participant will be given an individual focaccia dough for their “canvas” as well as a variety of ingredients to create a decorative topping with. The chef instructor will guide the group through a variety of ideas for using their toppings to create images. Once complete, the focaccias will be baked for each participant to take home with them! 

Our chef instructor will walk the group members through making their own pie dough from scratch which will then be used to make a mini pie complete with a lattice top crust. Each participant will leave with their own fresh baked pie they made during the party! 

Participants will work in groups of two to make Bettie’s ultimate chocolate chip cookies! Learn all of Bettie’s secrets including how to brown butter, how to properly cream butter and sugar, and all of the little details that make these cookies over the top. The group members will then take home their fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. 

Our chef instructor will walk participants through several different piping techniques. Each group member will then decorate their own cookies or cupcakes to take home. 

Don’t see a topic that interests you or your group? Reach out to us! We are happy to work with you to create a custom party class that works with your ideas! 

Appetizer & Dessert Options

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*PLEASE NOTE: We are currently fully booked for private events and space rental through the end of 2022. January of 2023 currently has limited availability.